How tree roots grow inside sewer line?

if you ever wonder how trרe roots gets inside sewer line, even when the pipe is a solid such a cast-iron.. the following can explain the process and the options you have when you found that your sewer line is penetrated with tree roots.

roots inside sewer line
Roots inside sewer line

Your first signs over three foots inside the pipe are slow drains clogs and later on continuous clogs that lead to ongoing sewer cleaning sometimes after a few days a few weeks until the point that you cannot clear the sewer line anymore and that’s going to most home owners call professional Sewer and drain companies like A1 and the first step is to scan the line with the video sewer, inspection to see what is the pipe condition is in reality.

Sewer scope will determine the sewer pipe condition and how light or heavy the tree roots penetrated in a pipe

Sewer Root Removal

Sewer Root Repair

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