Pipe Lining

Sewer lining or sewer relining is the technology that allows you to refurbish the internal surface of a sewer line without excavating the underground pipes.

So instead of reaching the sewer line underground by  digging, excavating and removing the line,  installing  your new sewer line and then rebuilding the stuff you destroyed above ground, you do you have the option to repair your sewer line, even  in case that you want to replace it completely from the house to the street, without digging your old yard.

Sewer cast iron pipe before relining. Sewer Line had constantly sewer issues.
sewer pipe relining after
Sewer pipe after lining with smooth pipe surface like new. sewer relining usually takes 1 day.

The only thing is necessary for us is to make a hole in a sewer pipe connection in the front of the house or in the basement and access the end of the sewer line which might be in the city sewer manhole on the street and between the connections to push a flexible (like nylon) polymer through the pip line.  

The liner quickly becomes a hard surface matched exactly to the existing sewer size covering all the holes, cracks and pipe damages etc.

After relining the sewer water can now flow without obstructions on a smooth internal pipe surface, almost like new pipe.   Lining the sewer pipe this way avoids the needs for trenching by doing the work underground internally, it also saves you the mess around the backyard and the front yard and the risk of damage to any pipe utilities such as sprinkler systems, cable, electric etc.

Why Pipe Relining Repair or Replacement?

Pipe relining repair most of the time costs less with sewer lining. Cost is reduced compared to digging so we can complete a replacement if that is needed for less. Some companies charge for sewer repair relining per linear foot and some companies like us charge a flat rate per job so there are no surprises. Costs are laid out upfront, exactly what you are going to pay from the beginning and the cost includes everything that’s required to complete the relining successfully.

See it how its looks in reality in our images section of pipe lining/sewer relining