Roots in Sewer

Roots in the sewer line is a common problem in lateral sewer lines in New Jersey suburbs where there are many trees.

Prior to sewer line installation the contractor is responsible for locating all other underground utilities in the area where they propose to dig and install the sewer line. Part of this process should also be to locate significant trees in the area and try to avoid them during the design process.

Root in sewer line repair services in Hoboken NJ

Nonetheless, sometimes trees cannot be avoided and the sewer line pipes may be installed near enough to a tree root to attract the roots to grow toward the water in the pipes.  Over time the tree roots may grow around the pipe and put pressure on it to get through to the water within thus breaking the pipe or getting in through the pipe joints and growing to block the sewer line.


Repeated sewer blockages are an indicator of tree root growth in the pipes. A sewer contractor should perform a closed-circuit video inspection of the entire sewer line and note any deficiencies that will require repair.  The digital media video inspection will allow you and your contractor to see where the tree roots are and the damage they have done. 

Cut & Remove Tree Roots From Your Sewer

The sewer contractor can then provide you with a plan and estimate for sewer repair of any broken pipes or sewer replacement of the entire sewer line if that is cheaper and more effective than repairing pipes. Contact A1 today for more details and we will try to do our best to help you with any tree roots issue.

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