Sewer Line Repair – Save $$$ On Sewer Repair

Save money on sewer line repair by hiring a specialty sewer contractor to conduct a video inspection and provide a written report regarding any defects in your lateral sewer.

Running a camera down the line allows you to see exactly what and where the problem with your sewer line so you can easily get quotes from sewer repair contractors and get the best price on sewer repair.  The videotape inspection may find a variety of defects in the sewer lines and sewer pipe repair correction methods and pricing can vary by contractor.

Knowing exactly what is wrong with the sewer line can help you when negotiating with sewer contractors and leaves you open for a variety of solutions offered.

Some sewer problems that can be found in an inspection include:

  • Pipe joint breaks or line separations.
  • Moved or offset joints.
  • Broken pipe ends.
  • Cracked or damaged pipes
  • The presence of an external object in the pipe (rocks, tree roots in sewer, or other debris).
  • Collapsed areas of pipes

    Contact A1 sewer today for a sewer inspection to save money on sewer repair.

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