Sewer Repair? Don’t Panic

Have you received news that sewer repair is needed on your sewer line and you don’t know what to do? You are not the only one. Sewer repair is usually a once in a lifetime occasion. So it is a type of work that many people lack knowledge about.

Having a good sewer repair contractor on your side is very important. They will help make the process go smoothly and usually much more affordable. Experienced contractors can also complete the job in a shorter time frame, sometimes even in a few hours or only one day. (Its also recommended to check sewer contractor real reviews in order to confirm not only professional work but honesty).

Sewer Repair Tips

The following list will guide your sewer repair process to help you do it right and stay out of trouble. Take note of these issues to make minimum mistakes when repair sewer is needed.

  • Collect evidence:
  • Look around for sewer leaks in the basement, on the front lawn , the side of the house or the backyard where there may be signs of water or a smell. In severe cases you may see big puddles of water with bubbles.
  • Ongoing clogs – Repeated clogs that require sewer cleaning often.
  • Smelly Basement – A smell in your basement coming from the sewer line or main drain.
  • Tree Roots – Cleaning the Sewer line and pulling out tree roots.
  • Broken Sewer Pipe – Cleaning the sewer and pulling out broken pieces of pipe.
  • Mud in Pipes – Sewer cleaning and finding mud or leaves inside the line.
  • Sewer Inspection – Sewer inspection cannot be conducted as the pipe has standing water in the line.
  • Sewer backup – To the basement or the neighbors property if the sewer line is a shared sewer line with another property.

    If you are able to provide your first experience issues/evidence to a sewer plumber, he will have a starting direction to investigate the sewer line. This will make the process faster and more efficient.

    A good sewer plumber will look around your property and with the help of good sewer equipment will be able to identify the issue usually within 30 minutes and no more than an hour.

    When you have the diagnosis about the type of sewer backup repair that is needed, its important to compare it with a few quotes ans other sewer contractors. Not only do plumbers have different price structures they might also use different technology to repair the sewer.

    Sewer Repair by Trenchless

    You should be aware that there are additional options for sewer repair. Methods such as bursting sewer repair and relining sewer that are of a type called trenchless.

    There are certain limitations to using trenchless sewer repair methods and in some cases it is not recommended. For instance, once you reline a sewer for repair you cannot later use a cable to snake the line in case of a sewer clog. The snake will ruin the internal surface of epoxy.

    A sewer line with a belly cannot be repaired by relining as the crooked sewer pipe is causing the backflow to the property, and causing ongoing clogs.

    Sewer camera inspection is the key for successful sewer repair. As you can see and plan the right sewer repair for the right sewer issue.


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